South Carolina

Grand Assembly 2016

This year, on June 25th, the State Master Councilor and the Executive Officer were invited to attend South Carolina International Order of Rainbow for Girls' Book of Memories Ceremony and Grand Banquet at their annual Grand Assembly. The Book of Memories is a public celebration and long standing tradition where all Grand Officers of SCIORG sign their names in a journal at the end of their terms signifying completion and success in that term year. Seen as a form of graduation out of Rainbow leadership, this is an important celebration for the Grand Worthy Advisor.

The 49th International Congress

49th Congress Photo

On June 15th, 2016, young men and leaders from DeMolay came together to hold and celebrate the 49th International Congress at San Diego. The event kicked off at San Diego Zoo, where the young men were able to roam around with each other, exploring the expansive and diverse area. Later in the evening, the young men and delegates to the Congress shared time with each other, talking about their home jurisdictions, and sharing the fraternity.



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