State Staff

Executive Officer's Steering Committee (EOSC)

The Executive Officer's Steering Committee, or EOSC, consists of the Executive Officer, the State Master Councilor, State Senior Councilor, State Junior Councilor, Illustrious Knight Commander, and the Activity Directors. The EOSC provides the adult planning, program coordination, problem resolution, and youth guidance for the Palmetto DeMolay Association, subject to the rules of DeMolay International and the discretion of the Executive Officer. This body assists the Executive Officer in carrying out the mission of South Carolina DeMolay by focusing on challenges and opportunities facing the organization and providing continuing support for the young men of DeMolay to help ensure the viability of the fraternity and make the DeMolay experience a meaningful one for its members.

Executive Officer of South Carolina - Damon Lam

Director of Finance - Bob Kuziak

Director of Programs and Awards - Robert Foulds, PSMC, Chev

Director of State Officers - Robby Carter, PSMC, Chev

Director of Events - Bill McKelvey

Director of Membership and Chapter Development - Joe Thompson, PIKC, Chev

Director of Administration - Samuel Bennett

Director of Parents Club - Erin Thompson

Director of Conclave - Lynn Carter

Director of Conclaver Ad Program -  Maria J. Moruno Delicado

Director of Alumni Relations - Steve Ward, PSMC, Chev

EO Support - Walt Spiller

State Master Councilor - Donovan Lam

State Junior Councilor - Russell Issacs

Illustrious Knight Commander - Devon Cizan