Grand Assembly 2016

This year, on June 25th, the State Master Councilor and the Executive Officer were invited to attend South Carolina International Order of Rainbow for Girls' Book of Memories Ceremony and Grand Banquet at their annual Grand Assembly. The Book of Memories is a public celebration and long standing tradition where all Grand Officers of SCIORG sign their names in a journal at the end of their terms signifying completion and success in that term year. Seen as a form of graduation out of Rainbow leadership, this is an important celebration for the Grand Worthy Advisor. It is a very emotional and reminiscing ceremony that really speaks to the heart. This ceremony is a large part of the Grand Assembly, and if you have not witnessed the ceremony before, I highly suggest any young man to go to Grand Assembly to witness it.

After the Book of Memories, the Grand Banquet was held. Dad Lam, Executive Officer of the Palmetto DeMolay Association, made a speech about DeMolay and what our future plans were. Sean Lam, State Master Councilor of the Palmetto DeMolay Association, gave a completely different speech and talked to the girls on how inner peace, or "sanctuary", as he called it, could be found and how it related to our youth groups by stating that "the grass is always greener on the side you water it." He also wished the new officers a good year and thanked SCIORG for inviting the DeMolay to speak at their function. After more speeches, numerous awards were presented to the hard working young ladies. Awards ranged from Community Service, to Grand Assembly competitions, and even to membership growth and activity. The new offices for the young women were announced afterwards and Sister Ivey Gibbs will be sitting as the Grand Worthy Advisor for the SCIORG.

It was truly an inspiration to attend this event, and we would like to thank SCIORG and Mrs. Dedra Hart for her invitation and support of our youth. With your support, the future of our youth becomes a little bit brighter.

- Sean M. Lam, SMC of the Palmetto DeMolay Association,