Palmetto DeMolay's Newest Legionnaires

Legion of Honor

Congratulations to our newest Legionnaires, Sam Bennet (A), RW W. Cal Disher , and WB Hugh Peteet. The Legion of Honor is the highest honor conferred by DeMolay International. It’s conferred on a Senior DeMolay for outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor or for success in fraternal life, including adult service to DeMolay. The Supreme Council may also confer it upon a Freemason who was not a DeMolay, but who has performed unusual and meritorious service in behalf of the Order of DeMolay, or who has evidenced a spirit of cooperation and appreciation for the Order of DeMolay. No one may apply for this distinction, and a nominee, or the membership of a Chapter, must have no knowledge of the recommendation by the Advisory Council. Failure to observe secrecy in making this nomination subjects the nominee to penalty of not being considered. If approved by the Executive Officer, the nomination will be referred to DeMolay International, whose unanimous vote is required to receive this honor.