Palmetto DeMolay attends Region III Conference

On October 10th, the Jurisdictional and State Officers from Region 3 held a conference to communicate the 49th International Congress’s plan for DeMolay. Several Programs were outlined by the International Congress Secretary, Bro. Quentin Cockerham, and reports from the individual Jurisdictions were presented in order to update DeMolay International the status of each Jurisdiction. North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida were all represented at the conference, and State Master Councilor Bro. Grayson Ballentine, State Senior Councilor Bro. Sean Lam, State Junior Councilor Bro. Donovan Lam, and Region 3 Communications Liaison Bro. Taylor Foulds represented the PDA during the Conference. Some of the programs of note outlined were the DeMolay App, RUSH months, Pillars of Charity, and Fundraising ideas for the State. The tweaked Cabinet Member program was also communicated. The DeMolay App is to be available to the public and have info about the fraternity, as well as include the store, calendar integration, a Chapter locator, and a Trivia game. However, some features not listed are also available for members only. RUSH month is a program where that entire month is when the Jurisdictions are to help bring up membership by participating in a DeMolay-themed spirit week. The Pillars of Charity is a Fundraising event done by the House of the Temple to raise money for the Scottish Rite. DeMolay International’s goal is to raise $500,000 to engrave his name and put a portrait of Dad Land in the Temple. Incentives for member donations and Chapter donations are available for this program. At the
end of the Conference, the Region went as a group to eat dinner and share the fraternity by viewing a movie, then departed the next morning back home.

Article submitted by Bro Sean Lam, State Senior Councilor