The New DeMolay App!

DeMolay App Logo

As many of us have heard, the new DeMolay App landed a few months back. However, not many of us know what we can do with the app nor did we know that there was a DeMolay App from DeMolay International themselves! So before I start, Google Play Store and the Apple Play Store both have the app for download. The app is public, so anyone can download it, even your friends!

So what can you do on the App?

The App has many features, and among the most useful is the mobile ritual. Requiring an active or senior DeMolay to sign in for access, the mobile Ritual is a handy tool that allows the user to access ceremonies right onto their phone. The Ritual contains all that the normal Ritual book contains, so there will be no differences between the two and, in addition, it is completely free!

Following the mobile Ritual, the app also has Session Information such as a schedule, Hotel Map, Call Items, and the approved budget for those who attend Session. This resource was especially helpful and useful for delegates.

The App also features a new online application for membership, in which a prospect would fill out a form on the App. After tapping on "Join Now!" and filling out the form, the Executive Officer receives an email notification about the prospect, to which he can delegate state officers or chapter members in the prospects area to communicate with the prospect. This is a great way to easily keep track of and communicate with new prospects and those who are interested in DeMolay. Another button is included in the App on what DeMolay is and why a young man should choose DeMolay.

The next feature, and possibly second most useful function is the Chapter Locator. When brought up, the app bring up a map of all the Chapters in the world and users can zoom in to a specific area and see all the chapters near them or in a certain area. This could possibly help new members or members moving to a new state to find the closest chapter to them and attend DeMolay meetings.

The last few features are State Websites, Calendars, and The DeMolay Facebook . State Websites allows you to access other State DeMolay sites, such as South Carolina (this website) or Georgia as long as many others. It is a great way to see what news are in your state and other states. Although it does not contain a complete list, the Calendars section contains Calendars of events for Jurisdictions. It is all formatted intuitively and has links to add to your own personal calendar and to find the location of the event if you so decide to attend. This, just like the Websites, is a great way to see what is coming up in your home Jurisdiction and neighboring Jurisdictions. Finally, the DeMolay Facebook feature allows users to visit and see DeMolay International's Facebook page and Facebook Photos. It is a great way to keep updated on what and where our International Officers are doing!

Finally, the app has a trivia section that contains 2 trivia games. Questions on the trivia are based from the LCC's and basic DeMolay knowledge and test users' knowledge on these. Although it is in its infancy, I am sure more trivia games will be added.

All-in-all, the app is a great way to connect and see what happened and what will be happening in the Order of DeMolay as well as providing necessary resources to DeMolay members. It is simply a must-have for those member who want to get involved.

-Sean M. Lam, SMC of the Palmetto DeMolay Association,