DeMolay International Outsources Their Store!


​DeMolay International ​recently outsourced the old 'DeMolay & More Store' from their headquarters in Kansas City, but what does that really mean? Let's find out!

The Items are Less Expensive!

Overhead was cut in outsourcing the store, which was one of the reason to switch - to cut costs. A lot of Items that were on the store previously are now less expensive on the new In addition to that, they will be shipped faster to you!

​There's More Stuff!

With the store being outsourced, more new items have made the shelves, such as Laptop skins and phone skins, as well as a whole section on golf products. You can buy tents, business card holders, journals, travel bags all emblazoned with the logo or emblem! This is a great way to get all of your favorite gear while also supporting our youth. There's also a section for Advisors, Alumni, Executive Officers, and Members to sign in and to buy other stuff not available to the general public.

​There's More Availability!

​More colors! More styles! A lot of the stuff seen on the '& More Store' have more colors and different colors available on them. You can now buy 2 different colors or styles of the same product to suit your needs. To further back that up, a lot of the items now come in more than one brand, so you now can decide on whether you want an Adidas or Callaway polo shirt, instead of having to just choose one.

I really suggest that you check out the store at the link provided. Not only are you helping our organization, but also the future of our nation's youth!

-Sean M. Lam, SMC of the Palmetto DeMolay Association,