Col. James F. Risher Knighthood Priory Restarted

During Conclave July 2015 we restarted Col. James F. Risher Knighthood Priory by initiating 9 young men- Taylor Foulds, Grayson Ballentine, AJ Hollowell, Sean Lam, Jacob Shriver, David Williams, Sean Montgomery, Josh Griffin, and Devon Cizan.

Our first meeting was September 5, 2015 at Jamil Shrine. At this meeting we voted for Illustrious Knight Commander, Page Commander and Squire Commander. Brother AJ Hollowell was elected Illustrious Knight Commander, Brother Jacob Shriver was elected Page Commander and Brother Devon Cizan was
elected Squire Commander.

Congratulations to all!

We have a few upcoming events first is October 17th Bowling, October 18th Albert Pike practice and our second meeting is November 21, 2015.

Article submitted by Sir Knight Devon Cizan