Summerville DeMolay honoring the 7th Cardinal Virtue

Veterians Victory House Summerville DeMolay

The DeMolay from Summerville Chapter spends every third Sunday honoring those who have fought for our freedom. The task that the DeMolays taken on is rather simple but very meaningful to the veteran’s, especially those who do not receive visitors often. The DeMolays go through each wing of the facility and wheel our veterans to church service. After the sermon is given, a young man plays a song for the veterans whether it be on the bagpipes [Angus Salisbury] or the piano [Sean Lam]. One of our many veterans who has expressed his gratitude for our service at Veteran’s Victory House is our very own Chief Lee. Chief Lee, at 96 years of age, is one of the last Pearl Harbor survivors and is a proud Freemason. The DeMolay volunteer at Veteran’s Victory House to honor and give back to those who gave so much in the fight for our freedom.

Article submitted by Donovan Lam, State Junior Councilor, Summerville Chapter