Pillars of Charity

DeMolay International is planning to put Dad Land in the House of the Temple, but needs your help! DeMolay International want to participate in the Pillars of Charity fundraising event for the Scottish Rite, but needs to raise $500,000 for the Scottish Rite to match our donation. Dad Land was a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason, and accomplishing the goal we are honoring his philanthropy to our youth. Individual Chapters can donate $250 dollars to the cause, and in return the Chapter name will be put outside the wall outside Dad Land’s Office in Kansas City, MI. Individual members can donate $25 to get a member-exclusive T-shirt and pin, which commemorates the event and the cause. Here is where it gets interesting! If 10 members from the same chapter donate $25 each, the Chapter’s name will be put at the wall outside Dad Land’s Office in Kansas City, MI, as well!

Article submitted by Bro. Sean Lam, State Senior Councilor